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Lester and the team fully understand that this is a challenging time in your life. You can trust our expertise to offer you guidance to the solution you deserve. With a proven track record solving divorce and separation issues, Lester can be your trusted advisor in the following areas: 

Scarborough Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is not mandatory, and couples can separate or end with an agreement. Still, if one individual wishes to remarry, they’ll need to get divorced themselves by filing for a formal judgment and final certificate from the court to be able to remarry.

Commonly, parties settle their child and financial issues and then proceed with an uncontested divorce. If circumstances require a divorce before resolving the other issues, we can apply for a split issue divorce where the divorce is granted before the property and other issues are resolved. Lester can help you assess your options and determine if divorce is the right option for your situation. 

Scarborough Separation lawyer

There are more options to consider than just divorce, when you and your partner are deciding how to end a marriage or relationship. The two of you may also choose to solely separate, which means that neither party applies for court approval. However, separating triggers limitation periods running, so it is a good idea to get advice before separating.

Separating your assets and decide on custody and support issues can be an arduous process. You may choose to divide up all of the property in an informal agreement or use legal services like lawyers, mediators, or arbitrators who will draft you a more formal separation agreement that has full legal effect that is enforceable in the Court.

Scarborough Mediation Lawyer

Mediation is an excellent option for those that want to avoid the more traditional and often hostile court system. It offers a practical, non-adversarial way of resolving issues related to separation or divorce, such as custody, division of property, support and more. However, it does not grant divorces; only courts are empowered with this ability. Lester can work with you to determine if your situation is the right setting for Mediation. 

Scarborough Collaborative Practice Lawyer

Collaborative family law is a process that helps parties who are in the midst of divorce or separation to work together with their lawyers and other third-party specialists, and counsellors to reach an agreement on how they should proceed.

Lester has a strong track record of helping clients amicably resolve conflicts and achieve their goals. He is certified as both a mediator and collaborative lawyer, enabling him to provide the best possible service for your case. He is certified in Mediation from the Law Society of Ontario in 1990 and is certified in Collaborative Family Law since 2003. 

Lester Davies is a trusted and experienced Family Lawyer in Scarborough and can help you through the divorce and separation process. He proudly serves all areas in and around Toronto, including Markham, North York, Pickering, Ajax and Whitby. 

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