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Expert Representation for Estate Law in Scarborough

Estate planning and execution can be a complicated process, particularly in complex financial and business holdings or family structures.

Our holistic approach to estate administration allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive experience that takes their unique personal situation into account. We take the time to listen to your concerns and your goals to develop an estate plan for you.


Lester can guide you through issues involving:

Scarborough Wills and Estate Planning

Ensuring you have a comprehensive will and estate plan is critical to the safety of your loved ones, assets, and business interests in the event of death or incapacity. Lester Davies has decades of experience creating these plans for his clients, custom-tailoring them to your unique situation. 

Scarborough Estate Litigation

Disputes regarding wills and estates are often troubled with grief, family challenges, and complex financial and legal situations. Lester Davies works closely with his clients to help plan their wills and estates to avoid the problem of a dispute in the first place. 

However, if the needs arise, Lester is competent and experienced in helping clients with all aspects of estate litigation. He works closely with his clients to resolve the issues that get you the result you deserve while being sensitive to the family circumstances you may be facing. 

Scarborough Estate Administration

The administration of a loved one’s affairs after their death can be complicated. Many people named estate trustees or executors will have no training or experience at all, leading to an overwhelming array of duties they may not be prepared for. They can also find themselves unprepared for conflicts with heirs and other interested parties if this process isn’t done correctly from the onset.

When managing an estate and trustees, you need an expert with skills and experience, as well as sensitivity to the challenges you’re facing. Lester Davies has decades of experience working closely with clients, seamlessly guiding them through the responsibilities and roles required. Get real peace of mind knowing that you have 40+ years of support behind you, covering all aspects of the estate if complications arise. 

If you are dealing with estate law, then it is essential to have the skills of a Scarborough lawyer when protecting your rights. Lester Davies has over 40 years of experience and can represent clients in Toronto effectively with all aspects of estate law knowledge and understanding. 

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