Lester Davies, Scarborough Family Lawyer

Pursuing Your Family's Best Interests For Over 40 Years

Lester Davies is helping people in Scarborough and the GTA find peace of mind as they navigate the family law process. Assisting hundreds of clients, Lester has experience with all areas of Family Law and Estate Law and can help you reach the outcome you deserve. 

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40+ Years of Family Law in Scarborough

When facing the emotional turmoil and stress of a separation or recent bereavement, a family law issue can seem like a daunting challenge to overcome.

Without the proper knowledge, the process can feel overwhelming, and you might not be sure of getting the best outcome. You deserve to find the best solution for you and your family in this challenging time.

With over 40 years of professional experience in family law and litigation, Lester Davies can deliver effective legal representation. Whether you have challenges in divorcepropertychild supportwillsestate, or litigation, Lester can help you through the process and reach the best result for you.