Scarborough Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

40+ Years of Family Law in Scarborough

Expert Representation for Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreement, sometimes referred to as pre-nuptial agreements or prenups, are often put into place long before marriage. They lay out the rights and responsibilities that would arise in the event of separation between spouses to customize based on what is best for each individual’s preferences rather than being bound by law. The agreement may include expectations for one another during their time together and how property will get divided up should things not work out down the line.

Lester Davies has decades of experience guiding clients through the legal process, fully understanding their agreement and the implications of cohabitation and marriage with their partner. 

Lester Davies is a trusted and experienced Family Lawyer in Scarborough and can help you through the marriage contract or cohabitation agreement process. He proudly serves all areas in and around Toronto, including Markham, North York, Pickering, Ajax and Whitby.

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